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Although Dajjal was destined to emerge a lot later in time, in the Koli Yug, the Later Age, the potentiality rose substantially in its favor and hence the commencement of the warnings. In all probability, and this is what the Messenger of Allah sought to explain using different allegories, that of Dajjal being kept prisoner in a faraway island might refer to the low potentiality of it emerging during the first two phases of mankind's existence. Despite the fact of Dajjal being the most important event in the history of the world, warnings about it started only from the time of Nooh a.

This goes to stress that a. At this point, there's one thing worth mentioning. There is a section of people who stress great importance on the issue of Abu Sayyad ra ; so much so that an entire chapter in the Meshkat has been devoted to the depiction of his life and different opinions about him. It so happened that a baby quite unusual or different, was born into a Jewish family in Madina. There are reports of the Messenger of Allah having gone to see him, but there is no basis for speculating that baby as being the Dajjal, for the Messenger of Allah neither said anything to that effect nor let it be known that he thought this baby to be the personification of the Dajjal.

The Messenger of Allah was the one to inform the world of the coming of the Dajjal during the time of Isa's a. Jesus return to earth and the Mahdi's Emamate and that it would be destroyed by Isa a. How then could this Kafer appear within the holy presence of the Messenger of Allah himself, that too, in the city of Madina itself? Besides that, the Messenger of Allah had already predicted the inability of the Dajjal to enter either Makkah or Madina,1 whereas Ebne Sayyed was born in Madina itself and performed Hajj in Makkah.

Ebne Sayyed died a natural death and the Dajjal is destined to be destroyed by Isa a. Apostates and cruel rulers have also, in cases been termed as Dajjal's or deceivers and liars by the Messenger of Allah, but they are far removed from the actual and the particular Dajjal whom he and other Messengers have warned about.

Dajjal? The judeo-Christian 'Civilization'!

Abu Sayyad ra has been mistakenly suspected out as the Dajjal of the later times and a whole chapter in the Meshkat has been devoted in trying to prove him as the one. However, since I have been correctly able to ascertain Dajjal's identity through the blessings of Allah and His Messenger, I do not attach any importance to the details regarding Abu Sayyad ra. That most people have been unable to grasp the allegorical references to the Dajjal is further proved by their insistence in trying to establish Abu Sayyad as the self-same Masih al Kazzab.

Three The Messenger himself sought refuge with Allah from the 'fitna' turmoil, unrest, malaise of Dajjal. I hold this Hadis as extremely important document regarding the terror of the Dajjal's appearance for no other reason than the person who seeks refuge from its malaise. It is no other than the bravest, among whole of the mankind, who feared none except his Creator, the greatest among the Messengers of all times, the leader of all other nabis of Allah, the only person to be promised the Makaam-e-Mahmuda, the glory of all mankind, Muhammad s.

When such a man seeks protection from something, I do not feel there is room for any justification or any further emphasis put on its gravity. It is ironic but true that our, ulema our clergy have not paid even one percent of the importance shown to Dajjal as by the Messenger. They remain totally engrossed with the length of their beards, trousers, cuts of their moustaches and so on- to the extent of almost completely ironing the turmoil, Fetna of the Dajjal, which has made man renounce Allah's sovereignty, His Tawheed and beguiled the whole of mankind into accepting it as their lord, their 'rub'.

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The only reason for this is the distortion in the Moslems' perception of their faith, their "Aqidah" of Din-ulEslam, is so far, so different from the true thing that they have lost complete sight of the reasons of Eslam's existence, its objectives its goal. The natural consequence of which has been the topsy-turvy of priorities so evident in Moslems today. The true form.

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That he lost his life nevertheless seemed to be of lesser importance than the saving of his eye. However, the instances of mixedup, reversed priorities are not the main topic here;1 it is the gravity of the situation created by the Dajjal. Along with the prophecy of the appearance of the Dajjal, the Messenger of Allah has left us some definite signs and symbols by which his Ummah or people can correctly identify and consequently be resistant to it and fight the impostor.

In this chapter, the Hadis of the Messenger of Allah regarding the identity of the Dajjal will be put forward to get a clearer picture of the situation. Seen in this light, it is very pertinent and important part mainly because if the actual character of the Dajjal is not manifest before us, then the magnitude of the dangers represented by it cannot be accurately comprehended either.

It is quite similar to an enemy disguised amongst us as a friend; therefore the harm it can cause us is enormous. It may be that this is why the Messenger of Allah has left us so many details wherewith the Dajjal can be identified. However, he has also added that it is only true Mo'mens who will be able to correctly identify the Imposter, even if they are illiterate, while on the other hand, even highly educated persons will miss the 'Kafer' written on the forehead of the Dajjal 1.

THERE is not much, to think, to explain in this Hadis because I have proved explicitly in the first chapter of this book how the Dajjal came into being within the Jewish nation. Besides, this civilization is known as the Judeo-Christian technological civilization as it is; if the name bears testimony to the family one belongs to, then there is no room for dispute here.

That Jews and Christians should adhere to it is understandable, but who are the Monafeqs mentioned here? Are they not the socalled Moslems of this world, who call themselves the Ummat-e-Mohammadi on one hand and on the other, have accepted the Dajjal's doctrine and dominance in every aspect of their collective lives? The definition of a Monafeq is someone who professes to one thing with his tongue and adheres to another in his action.

In that case, the Moslems of the world today, who declare sovereignty of Allah pray and give Zakah, fast and perform the hajj, at the same time implement human sovereignty over that of Allah in their collective national lives: if these people are not Monafeqs, hypocrites, what then are they? Two The Messenger has said, The Dajjal will declare itself to be the lord and make mankind accept it as such-Bokhari.

HOW exactly can the Dajjal's claim to lordship of mankind be interpreted? Is it not its insistence to be accepted as the supreme law-maker, the one whos every dictate on socio-economic, political, educative issues, penalty and punishment, are to be obeyed and implemented by humanity as a whole?

Dajjal Islam Tawheed Salah The Anti-christ

In the Hadis the Messenger of Allah has used the Arabic word 'rub' to describe the demand of the Dajjal. The Arabic word 'rub' is generally translated into the word 'lord' in English and also as 'Sustainer' when it implies and indicates Allah. In this sense if we look at the 'developed' i. That these 'developed countries' are in fact occupies the place of sustainers of the 'underdeveloped' or 'developing' countries is no secret. This Hadis, read with Hadis No. VIII of this chapter will explain it more clearly, where the Dajjal appears as the sustainer besides being the 'lord'.

The Dajjal will prevail upon mankind to revoke the rules and regulations, the collective way of life as prescribed in the centuries old Vedas, Law of Moses, Monu Songhita, the Qur'an, claiming them to be old, obsolete, and barbaric. It will persuade people to. In short, people will be asked to enjoy the bliss of heaven as it knows and enjoys.

Dajjal? The Judeo Christian Civilization!

The Dajjal will claim to be lord, not the Creator. The claim of the Judeo-Christian civilization is identical to that of the Dajjal, since it holds no objection to the personal observance of faith, people are allowed to remain Moslem, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, adhere to any other religion they wish to in their personal lives, but they must all abide by and follow the collective life as dictated by it. In this category, i. In the course of time, the whole of mankind has indeed accepted the Dajjal's offer and entered its promised heaven, yet there is no peace or tranquility anywhere.

Despite the fact that the entire human race has originated from one single couple, there is no peace on earth. Regardless of being members of one nation,1 men continue to kill and maim one another, burn down their dwellings and rape women. With the acceptance of the Dajjal's system of economy, some people get to amass wealth in obscene quantities and 1. Mothers commit suicide at their children's plight.

As the result of implementation of Dajjal's legal and penal code, crime levels of every society continue to rise alarmingly; murder, theft, rape, arson, there is no end to the list.

nn.threadsol.com/21827-best-cell-tracker.php By far the worst of it all is the result of acceptance of the God-forsaken, soulless education policy of the Dajjal. With the banishment of the education prescribed by Allah, human beings seem to have lost all moral goodness, character and reached the levels of the lowest animals.

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In this Hadis the word Sajda prostration has been used by the Messenger to describe the acceptance of the Dajjal as the lord by most of the mankind. The literal meaning of 'Sajda' is submission, to prostrate before someone is to submit to his will, which is why Allah has forbidden man to prostrate before anyone but Him. Yet the whole of mankind including almost all the so-called Moslems today have accepted the Dajjal's way of life, have accepted its dominance over them and lay prostrate at its feet. Eblis' promise to divert mankind from the Straight and Simple Path of Allah, the Seratul-Mustaqeem has been fulfilled and the result is only too apparent anarchy, violence, injustice, unrest and endless bloodshed in every corner of the wide world.

Three The Messenger has said, The distance between the two ears of the Dajjal's mount will be 70 cubits -Baihaqi, Meshkat. IN THE Arabic language, seven-zero-seventy is used not only as a number but also to describe things that are many in number or enormous in size. It is only done with this number, not with any other number such as 50 or even The Messenger of Allah has used this allegory to further describe the sheer size of the giant known as the Dajjal.

It goes without saying that if only the distance between the two ears of a mount is so great, the mount itself should be huge and the rider, bigger still.

Dajjal? The judeo-christian civilization! Dajjal? The judeo-christian civilization!
Dajjal? The judeo-christian civilization! Dajjal? The judeo-christian civilization!
Dajjal? The judeo-christian civilization! Dajjal? The judeo-christian civilization!
Dajjal? The judeo-christian civilization! Dajjal? The judeo-christian civilization!
Dajjal? The judeo-christian civilization! Dajjal? The judeo-christian civilization!
Dajjal? The judeo-christian civilization! Dajjal? The judeo-christian civilization!
Dajjal? The judeo-christian civilization! Dajjal? The judeo-christian civilization!
Dajjal? The judeo-christian civilization! Dajjal? The judeo-christian civilization!
Dajjal? The judeo-christian civilization!

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