Swordships of Scorpio

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David Prince (The Scorpio Races)

Square tight copy with light wear on covers. More information about this seller Contact this seller 3. About this Item: DAW.

Condition: Good. Interior stamped. Seller Inventory L22A More information about this seller Contact this seller 4. Published by Daw Books, United States Condition: Very Good. Spine tight and square with no stress lines noticeable. Very few very slight creases or bends in the cover. Pages lightly age toned. Light wear noticeable on extremities. Daw UQ Daw Collector Tim Kirk cover.


Swordships of Scorpio

More information about this seller Contact this seller 5. Light rubbing and small tear at spine ends. DAW UQ DAW Collectors Fourth in the Dray Prescot series. Akers is the pseudonym of Kenneth Bulmer. More information about this seller Contact this seller 6. First edition, third printing.

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Dray Prescot: 4. Publisher's book number UY Cover art by Tim Kirk. No creases or wear. Light toning to cover interiors, else a fine and bright unread, as new copy. More information about this seller Contact this seller 7. First edition, first printing. Publisher's book number UQ, no. More information about this seller Contact this seller 8.

Published by DAW Books.

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Third Printing. Tight sound copy in Very Good Condition with some spine and back cover creasing. More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. Published by Orbit UK About this Item: Orbit UK, Soft cover. Dispatch from Uk next working day. More information about this seller Contact this seller About this Item: Orbit UK.

Condition: Fair. A readable copy. All pages are intact, and the cover is intact. Pages can include considerable notes-in pen or highlighter-but the notes cannot obscure the text. Seller Inventory GI5N A copy that has been read, but remains in clean condition. The spine may show signs of wear. Pages can include limited notes and highlighting, and the copy can include previous owner inscriptions. Seller Inventory GI3N Condition: GOOD. Spine creases, wear to binding and pages from reading.

The 52 completed novels of the Dray Prescot series were written by Bulmer between and , when a stroke stopped his writing, also the later Dray Prescot books, after , were originally only published in German.


Unlike the previous books, Prince of Scorpio does not follow on directly from the previous novel, Swordships of Scorpio. Instead, Dray Prescot finds himself on an unknown beach on Kregen, after having spent some time on Earth without mentioning how long and where. Prescot has once more been retuned to Kregen by either the Savanti or the Star Lords, this time to save a group of prisoners from a stranded ship who are being killed by their guards.

Prescot receives help from another agent of the Savanti, Alex Hunter, the first time he encounters another Earthman on Kregen. Hunter is mortally wounded and dies in Prescot's arms. Prescot, after saving some of the prisoners and killing all the guards, finds out that the prisoners are from Vallia and of the people-based Panval party, arrested for their opposition to the aristocrat-based Ractor party. Prescot, who the prisoners believe to be called Drak, the first time this name is used for him, finds out that he is on the island of Valka, off the coast of Vallia.

Prescot sets off to find help for the stranded former prisoners. He finds the island devastated through slaving raids and roaming mercenaries. The young population has either been enslaved or escaped into the central mountain range. Prescot is made welcome in a simple village full of old people but falls ill from drinking the poisonous canal water of Vallia. While slowly recovering, he has a first-hand experience of the mercenaries taking food from the village, with Presoct unable to interfere because of his illness.

Once recovered however, when the mercenaries return he fights and kills them. Dray Prescot then attempts to take a boat across to Vallia but is forced back by a sudden storm, similar to events on the Eye of the World when the Star Lords prevented him from travelling back to Magdag or Sanurkazz. The Gdoinye appears and, for the first time, speaks to Prescot, calling him a fool. The bird tells him that the Star Lords were not the ones to bring him to Valka but that he now had a task to complete. He replies that he wishes to return to Delia but the Gdoinye tells him she is not missing him and reminds him of the years he spend with the clansmen when only a day passed for Delia.

He begins to understand that he is in a time loop and accepts his role in the liberation of Valka. Prescot spends the next six years fighting the oppressors of the people of Valka, eventually succeeding. In the fortress of Esser Rarioch in the capital of Valka, Valkanium, he is offered and accepts the title of strom, equivalent of a count, of Valka.

Horse Information Card: Prince Scorpio

He prepares to leave for Vallia by ship, planning to first head to Zenicce. However, with his task completed, he is taken away from Kregen once more and transported to Paris during the revolution July Revolution. After an undisclosed time period, Prescot is returned to Kregen, now to the mountainous northern part of Vallia to rescue two aristocrats whose flying boat has crashed in the mountains.

The two are Naghan Furtway, Kov of Falinur, and his nephew, Jenbar, to which Prescot takes a liking while he finds the kov to be arrogant. He travels south by canal boat and eventually reaches the capital of Vallia, Vondium, to find that Delia and the Emperor have both gone west to the Blue Mountains. On his journey there, Prescot joins a caravan which incidentally carries the dowry for Delia's wedding to a local lord, arranged by her father.

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The caravan is ambushed by bandits loyal to Delia and robbed of the treasure, a plan devised by Delia to stop her wedding. Prescot is recognised by the leader of the bandits, Korf Aighos, having been told by Delia to look out for his arrival. Prescot and some of the bandits, including Aighos, are captured by the emperors men and brutally dragged back to the capital.

There, before the emperor, Prescot is sentenced to death. Delia recognises him and tries to prevent him from being taken away but fails. On the way to the executioner, Prescot is rescued by Seg, whom he believed to be dead and who is now a member of the Imperial Guard of bowmen of Loh.

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Seg takes Dray Prescot out of the palace and explains to him that he and Thelda are now married and have a son called Dray. Dray Prescot makes a full recovery and returns to the imperial palace, now as the Strom of Valka, positively impressing the emperor. Delia initially disbelieves him that he is the strom as she is unaware of the time loop that allowed Prescot to liberate Valka while being somewhere else on Kregen at the same time. Prescot is approached by a representative of the Ractor party who wishes to gain his support for their candidate to wed Delia, Vomanus.

Prescot is taken by surprise by this turn and wonders why Vomanus would be interested in Delia after knowing how much Prescot loved her. Prescot starts to plan to run away with Delia, either to Zenicce or the Eye of the World. Instead however, Prescot is summoned to follow the emperor and Delia to Vindelka. On the way he is delayed by storms and upon arrival finds out that the Emperor's party had been attacked. He accidentally runs into Inch, who has been captured and enslaved by a Vallians ship, and Prescot frees him.

Warned by Vomanus, the emperor and Delia have escaped to a place called the Dragon's Bones, and Prescot follows them while sending Inch to the Blue Mountains to organise help. Upon arriving at the Dragon's Bones, Prescot initially lands in the camp of the rebels, who believe him to have come in their support. When the leader of the uprising, Kov Naghan Furtway, arrives, Prescot's true identity is discovered and he escapes to the emperor's party. There he learns that Delia is not present.

The emperor and his guard of bowmen are hard pressed and eventually, when the situation becomes desperate, Prescot decides to try to break out to save the emperor's life. The breakout fails, and just when the small group is making their last stand, Delia arrives with airboats from Zenicce, where she went to organise help from. The combined force of Clansmen, the allied houses of Zenicce, and men from the Blue Mountains, defeat the uprising.

Swordships of Scorpio Swordships of Scorpio
Swordships of Scorpio Swordships of Scorpio
Swordships of Scorpio Swordships of Scorpio
Swordships of Scorpio Swordships of Scorpio
Swordships of Scorpio Swordships of Scorpio
Swordships of Scorpio Swordships of Scorpio
Swordships of Scorpio Swordships of Scorpio

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